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Fope 18ct Unica Yellow Gold Bracelet 610B
Fope 18ct yellow gold bracelet.   ..
Fope 18ct White Gold Bracelet 704B
Fope 18ct white gold bracelet. ..
Fope 18K White Gold and Diamond Earrings OR290BBR
Fope 18K white gold and diamond earrings.   ..
Fope Eka 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet 704B
Fope 18K yellow gold bracelet.   ..
Fope Eka Yellow Gold Pavé Bracelet
This yellow gold bracelet comes from the Fope Eka Collection.     0.19ct ..
Fope Flex'It Ring With Diamonds AN559BBR
Flexible ring entirely made of 18 carat gold with white gold and diamond rondels. 0.10 ct.  ..
Fope Mesh Necklet 710C
Fope mesh necklet.   ..
Fope Necklace With Diamond Pave Pendant 730CPAVE
18 carat gold necklace with gold and diamond pavé pendant. 0.19ct.   ..
Fope Silver Bracelet 551AG1G
Fope silver bracelet. ..
Fope White Gold Bracelet 710B
Fope white gold bracelet.   ..
Fope Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace 710CBBR
Fope yellow gold diamond necklace.   ..
Fope 18ct Rose Gold Bracelet 710BBBR
Fope 18ct rose gold bracelet.   ..
Fope 18K White Gold Bracelet 610B
Fope 18K white gold bracelet.     ..
Fope Eka White Gold Bracelet 730B
Fope white gold bracelet.   ..
Fope Luci 18K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings F116
Fope Luci 18K yellow gold stud earrings.   ..
Fope Luci Weave Pendant 18ct Yellow Gold F99
Fope weave pendant. ..
Fope Rose Gold Bracelet 710B
Fope rose gold bracelet. ..
Fope Stud Earrings Lovely Daisy Collection OR20
18 carat gold stud earrings. The design recalls the Fope signature 900 chain.  ..
Fope White Gold Necklace 610C
Fope white gold necklace.   ..
Fope Yellow Gold Bracelet 710BBBR
Fope yellow gold bracelet. ..
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