7 Jewellery Styling Tips for Every Season

Your jewellery can be the perfect compliment to your clothing, if you do it correctly. The goal is to add to your look without overwhelming it, and this can be tricky to do. We're going to help you pull off a fabulous look with our seven jewellery styling tips below.

  1. Incorporate layers
  2. Mix metals
  3. Create an elegant look
  4. Have casual jewellery on hand
  5. Skip the necklace
  6. Invest in a versatile piece of jewellery
  7. Let your jewellery speak for you outfit

Tip #1- Incorporate Layers

Experimenting with different layers and textures in your look is a fun way to draw attention up to your face. You can layer different styles from chunkier necklaces to more delicate styles and chokers, for example, to make each necklace a building block. The same concept works well with bangles and rings.


Tip #2- Mix Metals

Yes, we've all heard that you're not supposed to mix metals because they clash. But, they can actually enhance one another for an elegant and charming look. You can combine different ring colours to add subtle shades that draw attention, or choose a piece that combines different metals.


Tip #3- Create an Elegant Look

You don't necessarily want to distract from your clothing, especially if you're going for a more sophisticated look. Instead of going all out, consider scaling your look back with a simple gold chain or silver chain or a simple bangle. It pairs beautifully with a higher necked dress without taking away from it. 


Tip #4- Have Casual Jewellery on hand

You can transform the look of your outfit on a daily basis by adding a simple piece of jewellery. Putting in a set of simple yet stylish earrings which can frame your face. They can take everyday wear and add a touch of class. 


Tip #5- Skip the Necklace

You don't even have to choose a necklace as your jewellery of choice for every outfit. If you have a lower or higher cut shirt, a necklace can be too much. It can actually distract from your outfit. Instead, choose a pair of bold earrings and let them shine.


Tip #6- Invest in a Versatile Piece of Jewellery

You don't have to exclusively own jewellery that you only wear to big events. Instead, invest in a versatile piece of jewellery that goes with multiple outfits and occasions. This can either be a designer womens watch, ring, bracelet or a great pair of earrings. 


Tip #7- Let Your Jewellery Speak for Your Outfit

Sometimes, it's best to let your jewellery be the star of the show. You want to pick one area to focus on and stack jewellery there accordingly. This could mean picking our several rings and playing with textures, or you could focus on your earrings. 


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