Fabergé Treillage Brushed Rose Gold & Multicoloured Gemstone Set Egg Pendant Necklace

SKU: 08-30-043


The Treillage Collection is inspired by the Diamond Trellis Egg, created by Fabergé in 1892. The evocative designs, with their soft, tactile and gem-set quilting, represents the perfect marriage of heritage and modernity. Treillage Multi-coloured Rose Gold Pendant features round white diamonds, rubies, amethysts, pink and blue sapphires, tsavorites and fire opals, set in 18ct brushed rose gold. The egg pendant is 18mm.with 50cm rose white chain.

Product Information

Brand: Fabergé

Jewellery Type: Necklace

Metal: 18ct Rose Gold

Gemstones: 16 round white diamonds total weight 0.25cts, 5 round blue Sapphires of total weight 0.27cts, 5 round pink Sapphires of total weights 0.28cts, 5 round Tsavorites of total weights 0.27cts, 5round Fire Opals of total weights 0.14cts, 5 round Amethysts of weights 0.23cts, 1 round Ruby of total weight 0.06cts

Pendant Size: 18mm

Chain Material: 18ct Rose Gold

Chain Length: 50cm

Piece Weight: 9.9g

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