History of Ireland

History of Ireland Sterling Silver Ingot 18" Necklace S4661

SKU: 50-03-012


History of Ireland handcrafted jewellery celebrates different chapters from Ireland’s rich and diverse history, portrayed through 12 symbols representing these historical eras. Celebrate Ireland's long history with this beautiful History of Ireland ingot pendant. Handcrafted in sterling silver, this pendant is engraved with 12 symbols that represent some of the most historical eras in Irish History. Each piece in the collection is supplied with a booklet detailing all 12 symbols. Ref: S4661

Product Information

Brand: History of Ireland

Jewellery Type: Necklace

Metal: Sterling Silver

Height: 35mm / 1.8 inch

Width: 10mm / 0.39 inch

Total Weight: 10.3g


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