February Birthstone - Amethyst

The month February ….. Not just for red roses! February is not only the month of love with Valentines Day , but it is also the month of the birthstone amethyst. The amethyst gemstone represents the month of February. Its light and bright colour of purple is a lovely way to start springtime and ward off the dark wine colours. This was actually a method used by ancient Greeks to ward off their enemies intoxicating powers.

Lets break it down … About the February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery

The amethyst stone is a purple quartz stone which also can be blue or red or violet depending on where it was found. This makes the amethyst special and unique as a stone.The word amethyst originally comes from ancient greek word for intoxicated.It was believed to protect its wearer from being unsteady on their feet.

As I said before amethyst , while also being the birthstone for February, has long been used in numerous cultures and legends. So the story goes that St. Valentine himself had a cupid carved into an amethyst ring hence the connection to February.True or not it’s a lovely story to connect February and amethyst . Back in the day ,amethyst was actually as revered as a diamond gemstone. This was due to its rarity and uniqueness.

Some big fans of amethyst through the ages like Leonardo Da Vinci believed that amethyst is said to build intelligence and help ward off evil thoughts. What a lovely property to have for a gemstone and also is a wonderful stone to gift someone, not just for February.

How the Amethyst Birthstone gets its Purple Colour?

Amethyst is known mostly for its purple colour. However , amethyst can range in colour from a light pinky violet to a deep purple tone. The different colour depends on the trace elements in the quartz stone and the environmental factors while the stone was being formed. Also like diamond, amethyst is very high on the MOHs scale which makes it a great stone for setting in all types of jewellery.

Where is Amethyst usually found?

Amethyst as we said before is actually a quartz. It is found all over the world which is a great problem to have as it means that jewellers all the world have a good supply of amethyst for their jewellery. While found all over the word amethyst is most commonly found in the United States , Canada , Brazil and Zambia.This makes for many different variant in colour.

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Keeping your Amethyst Jewellery clean

As stated before, amethyst is very high on the MOHS scale which means it is very durable and so therefore easy to keep clean. It can be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners used by most jewellers or just plain soapy water for a quick clean .Either way will bring this stunning stone back to life. As a birthstone for February this stunning stone can lend itself to being worn all year round . It compliments the warm dark tones of winter while still standing ot against the bright colours of summertime. Amethyst , a stone for all styles and seasons.

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