January Birthstone - Garnet

This blog aims to answer any queries or questions you have in relation to the beautiful January Birthstone , Garnet.

So, where do we begin?

The January birthstone , garnet , is a beautiful generally red gemstone but we’ll get more into the colour later on. It dates back as far as the Bronze Age. It was said to be used by the Egyptians as inlays in their armour as it was said to symbolise life. This is provably one of the reasons it was used to represent January , the first month if the year which often symbolises a new start and new beginnings. The garnet was also used throughout the ages to ward off bad health , another great symbol for the first birthstone of the year.

January Birthstone - Garnet

But the big question….  What is a Garnet Birthstone ?

The garnet birthstone is actually a name given to a group of minerals ranging in a whole variety of colours. However the garnet we most commonly see in jewellery is a deep and vibrant red colour. The word garnet infact comes from an old English word meaning “ Dark Red “. Anyone lucky enough to own a piece of garnet jewellery can atest to it’s beautiful rich red colour.

Some History about Garnet Birthstone's Red Colour

As I touched on earlier the word garnet comes from an old English word , garnet, which means Dark Red. No explanation needed as to why this is the origin of this stunning stone! The beautiful and vibrant stone has long been used in jewellery. Some pieces of garnet were found in jewellery dating back as far as 3100 BC. Now that’s one durable piece  of stone. The colour red is recognised as a powerful and strong colour so it makes sense that Egyptians and Romans used garnet in their jewellery and weapons.

Random fact … pomegranates and garnets also have a long standing connection. Apparently the Greeks felt the inner part of the pomegranate and the garnet were the image of each other! Don’t think I’d sprinkle a load of garnets on my salad but I do see the comparisons!!

More technical bits … Green green garnet !

The garnet birthstone has a few variations in its colour. The reason behind its colour is largely based on where it is found in the world. It is found in Czech Republic , Greece , Russia , Sri Lanka and India. It’s a globe trotter of the gemstones. The predominant colour is red but the colour spectrum ranges from browny to green. The green garnets also known as the mandarin garnet , are actually considered the rarest and most most expensive of the garnet family. There’s a little bit of bit of garnet trivia for you !!!


Where to put it ?

The garnet birthstone while stunning and striking in its colour is also the perfect stone when it comes to jewellery, thanks to its durability. It is ranked highly on the MOHS scale which gives an added bonus when it comes to setting in jewellery pieces like rings for example. However it can be set in a wide variety of jewellery.

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Anything else to know about the January Birthstone?

It is clear from this blog that the garnet birthstone surely is a stone to be admired. This stunning gemstone can we appreciated all year round , not just for January birthdays or special occasions. The vibrancy if the stone lends itself to both yellow or white gold . It also can be complimented with diamonds to show off its deep colour and make the stone pop. I’m short this beautiful gemstone is the perfect choice to start your year off on the right foot .. or hand !!!

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