December Birthstone - Turquoise & Tanzanite

About December Birthstones 

How lucky is the person born in December? The two most common December birthstones are Turquoise and Tanzanite. Both of the birthstones have a blue colour to them with Tanzanite also having a purple hue. Both of these stones hold their own special value and importance to the wearer.

The beautiful turquoise stone is very unique in nature as each one has its own patterns and veins making each one different to the next. Turquoise stones date back many many centuries when it was considered the world's oldest gemstone.
Turquoise birthstone was thought to ward off bad fortune to the wearer and guarantee health and good fortune.

Turquoise Birthstone’s Meaning, History & Colour  

turquoise december birthstone ring

The birthstone Turquoise played a very important role in Native American culture. They believed that attaching the birthstone to a bow of an arrow made the aim more accurate. The birthstone Turquoise for December has been found in places like Iran which gives some of these stones their name “Robin’s Nest”.

The birthstone Turquoise beautiful properties of Turquoise are also considered to have healing properties, improve vision and help with anxiety.

The month of December is considered a month of giving but if you are lucky enough to be born in December then you are lucky enough to be receiving one of those unique stones.

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Tanzanite Birthstone's Meaning, History & Colour 

tanzanite december birthstone ring

The other stunning stone that represents the December birthstone is Tanzanite.
Tanzanite is a very unique and beautiful glassy blue and purple colour. It is often surrounded by diamonds to enhance its beauty. Tanzanite is considered a newcomer to the world of birthstones and gemstones only being found in the 1960s.

Deriving its name from where it is found, Tanzanite ,as its name suggests it is only found in the mountains of Tanzania which makes it rare in itself as it only comes from one specific area of the world. Ironically as a December birthstone Tanzanite is extremely heat resistant.

Tanzanite has a beautiful striking glassy purple and blue colour. Those properties along with its durable properties makes it an excellent stone to be set in all kinds of jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings.

A lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing Tanzanite on the red carpet like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé and Kate Winslet. This probably comes down to Tanzanite's unique and vivid colour. This also adds to Tanzanite's popularity and appeal.

The beautiful December birthstone is said to be 1000 times rarer than diamonds. What a wonderful feature of a piece of jewellery to gift to someone even if December isn't your birth month.

Tanzanite not only radiates beauty with its stunning colour but it is also said to generate calmness and compassion.

Even though it is the birthstone for December it is considered to be associated with the creation of new life .Tanzanite is also believed by some people to detoxify the body which lets be honest we all need that in December!

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turquoise december birthstone earrings

It is safe to say that anyone lucky enough to be born in December has a very unique and rare choice of gemstones.

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