November Birthstones - Topaz & Citrine

About November Birthstones

What are the November birthstones? There are two answers to this question, there’s the Citrine birthstone and the Topaz Birthstone. For those of you lucky enough to be born in November, you have a choice of two stunning stones. Each of the November birthstones has their own unique characteristics that will appeal to different types of people. A citrine birthstone tends to be more yellowy golden in colour, while a topaz birthstone tends to be a more glassy blue.

Topaz Birthstone’s Meaning, History & Colour  

Topaz is most commonly known for its blue coloured stone which comes from a heat treatment process that changes it from a clear colour to the glassy blue you see in jewellery today. It can be found in many types of birthstone jewellery from rings to necklaces.

The November birthstone Topaz is believed to have come from the word tapas which means fire. It was believed in Greek Mythology that the topaz brought strength. It is also thought that when worn above the heart it guarantees long life, beauty and intelligence. 

Anyone gifting a piece of topaz jewellery is therefore showing the receiver how much they mean to them with this special stone. Topaz is also associated with wealth, health and love. When worn on the left arm it is believed to ward off evil. This would make a gift of a topaz ring or bracelet extra special for the wearer. This special November birthstone can be found in many places around the world including Mexico, Sri Lanka and The United States.

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Citrine Birthstone’s Meaning, History & Colour 

citrine stone on necklace on display

The other November birthstone is Citrine. Citrine is commonly found in colours ranging from golden brown to glassy yellow. Citrine has long been considered a healing stone and is thought to promote vitality and energy in the wearer. What’s not to love about that? Anyone lucky enough to be gifted such a gemstone should wear it with pride. This makes Citrine a wonderful gift all year round, not just November. It could make a lovely Christmas gift idea for your loved ones. The Citrine birthstone for November can be found in many beautiful shades for all seasons.

Citrine has been used in jewellery for centuries dating back to the Egyptians using Citrine as Talisman and Roman priests using them in rings. As it was considered to promote wealth, and energy it made Citrine popular as a gift. The vibrant sunny yellow colour that is most popular in Citrine can be found in all styles of jewellery. Most commonly it would be found in rings. Citrine can be found around the world in places like Russia and Madagascar. 

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Why Are There Two Birthstones For November? 

Citrine became the official November birthstone in the early 1910s when jewelers discovered that adding heat and pressure to amethyst would turn it yellow. Topaz is the historical birthstone for November, but yellow Topaz is rare. The gem's beautiful color results from iron impurities in its structure. The yellow gemstone is one of the most popular and frequently purchased gems.

Which is Better Topaz Or Citrine?

Topaz has a Mohs' hardness of 8 compared to 7 for Citrine. Citrine is much more common than fine gem Topaz, making the fine Topaz even more rare. Some very rare specimens of Topaz can be very valuable, compared to Citrine. It is not to say that Citrine is not beautiful, as it certainly is. Additionally, it can be found in larger sizes than Topaz, up to 20 carats or more. 

These two stunning birthstones can be found in a wide range of jewellery designs and styles due to their captivating colour. More commonly found in rings and necklaces they are often accompanied by diamonds or other stones. Some people enjoy wearing all birthstones of close family members in a ring or necklace hence giving the wearer extra benefits from all the stone's qualities.

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