How To Measure Ring Your Size Easily

Not everyone has the time to take a trip to their local jewellery store to get their finger size measured for a new ring. Since most people shop online, there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home to buy new jewellery. However, this is where the problem arises, how do you measure your ring size at home? 

Temperature and humidity, among other factors, affect the size of your fingers across the day, so consider them before you begin measuring. Ideally, you should measure your finger at the end of the day, when it is at its largest. The same finger might have a different ring size on your right and left hands so make sure to measure the finger where you plan to wear the ring.

Guide to Ring Size Letters

In Ireland and the UK we use letters to define the amount measured in millimetres (mm), while in the US numbers are used to define the amount. There is a ring sizing chart that is the same for men and women with the main difference being the width of the actual ring band. In Ireland, ring sizes are measured using letters F-Z. F is the smallest size at 44.2 mm circumference and ends at Z at 68.5mm. 

Ireland Ring Size Guide Letters 




































How To Measure Ring Size At Home 

The ring should fit your finger comfortably, snug enough so that it won't fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckles. There are two methods of measuring your finger to get your ring size; with a ruler or with measuring tape. 

How To Measure Ring Size With a Ruler 

To measure the circumference of your finger you will need the following items: a ruler, a pen and a piece of string/narrow strip of paper. Once you have your equipment ready follow these simple steps: 

  1. Make sure the strip of paper or string fits snugly around the finger at the base where the ring will sit, while still being able to go over the knuckle as your ring would.
  2. Draw a line where the two ends meet.
  3. Use the ruler to measure in mm the length to the dot.
  4. Using the chart above, convert the result measurement into your ring size.

How To Measure Ring Size With A Tape Measure 

  1. Place the measuring tape around the finger you plan on wearing the ring on. 
  2. Adjust the tape to the correct size in mm, ensure this size also fits over your knuckle comfortably. 
  3. Take note of the measurement. 
  4. Use the chart above to determine the size based on the mm measurement. 

Things To Consider When Measuring Ring Size At Home

  • The temperature will affect the size of your fingers. In cold weather, your hands shrink, while in warm weather, they grow. At the end of the day, your finger will be at its largest, so measure it then. 
  • Also it is important to note that both hands are usually not the same size. The dominant hand is usually larger, so it’s important to always measure the finger that the ring that will be worn on.
  • It is very important to consider your knuckle size when measuring your finger, especially if using the string method. The base of your finger might be much smaller than your knuckle but always remember the ring must be able to go over the knuckle!
  • The width of the ring will have an impact on the fit. For example, a wide ring is going to fit tighter than a slim band of the same size.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ring Sizing

Does Band Thickness Affect Ring Size? 

A ring's size can be affected by the thickness of the band. Generally, the more a ring covers your finger, the tighter it will fit. Stacking many bands, such as with a wedding ring set, can also increase your ring size. If you plan to wear the ring, we recommend measuring it using a sizer similar to its thickness.

What is the Average Ring Size for Women?

The average size for a woman is size  L. Sizes M and N are popular as well. If you're considering surprising your better half with an engagement ring in the near future, this information is a good place to start. 

What is the Average Ring Size for a Man? 

The average ring size for men lies between size S and size T. 

Can I Measure an Existing Ring to Find My Ring Size?

If you already have a ring that fits well on your finger, just use a measuring tape to measure the ring's circumference. Using the ring size chart, measure the ring size in millimetres.

How Do I Secretly Find Out Someone Else’s Ring Size? 

In case you plan on popping the question soon and don't know your better half's ring size, don't worry, you can find out their size without them knowing. Asking their friends or family is the easiest option. Our recommendation is to measure a ring your partner already wears if you want to measure your partner's ring size secretly. 

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